Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in mapping engineering structures, power lines, railways and roadways, the Ushr team spent the past three years developing the first production HD map software for autonomous driving.

Now having mapped the entire U.S. and Canada controlled access highway network with under four inches deviation, Ushr’s platform provides the most accurate long and medium-distance sensing systems to enable autonomous vehicles (AVs) to safely navigate roadways.

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Ushr’s HD mapping technology in combination with vehicle sensors and on-road cameras conveys  “real world” detail to AVs. The company’s control algorithms are constantly interpreting and communicating key details from sensors to the vehicle control system, allowing for more precise steering, safer vehicle control and directional predictability.

Ushr, Inc. offers automotive manufacturers the most accurate, comprehensive and advanced high-definition map technology available on the market today. Located at the epicenter of automotive development in Detroit, Ushr’s technology and software are shaping the evolution of self-driving technology by providing customers with the reassurance that the paths their vehicles travel are safe, smart and predictable.

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