Ushr Wins TU-Automotive’s 2018 Newcomer of the Year Award

Detroit-Based Startup Recognized for HD Mapping Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

DETROIT (June 8, 2018)  Ushr Inc., creator of high-definition (HD) mapping technology and software for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, received the 2018 Newcomer of the Year Award at the TU-Automotive Awards in Detroit presented on June 5th, 2018. Judged by an array of top industry experts, the TU-Automotive Awards are considered the most anticipated and influential awards of the connected car industry.

When combined with real-time sensors, Ushr’s HD maps allow self-driving cars to operate on mapped roadways, provide precise lane centering, maintain smooth control through curves and allow the vehicle to safely anticipate roadway changes. With the implementation of its precision HD map platform in the new Cadillac Super Cruise™ hands-free highway-driving system, Ushr recently became the first-to-market provider of HD mapping technology in an OEM production vehicle.

“Automakers are increasingly recognizing the critical importance of having a detailed and precise map of the roadway on board their autonomous and semi-autonomous systems,” said Bruce Gordon, CEO at Ushr. “Ushr has precisely mapped every mile of limited-access highway in the U.S. and Canada. It’s an honor to be recognized among so many other innovators in the space.”

By interpreting and communicating street level detail, Ushr’s HD maps function much like a human driver’s memory of the road, providing autonomous vehicles with a long-range view that allows the vehicle to proactively anticipate roadway changes, instead of merely reacting to sensor inputs. Ushr is the only company that interprets and communicates road level detail to the vehicle control system to enable intelligent control decisions.

This year’s TU-Automotive Awards recognized established and emerging companies across 13 different categories; Ushr beat out seven other companies to take home the prize in the Newcomer of the Year category. The TU-Automotive Awards took place the day before the TU-Automotive Detroit Conference and Exhibition.


Ushr, Inc. offers automotive manufacturers the most accurate, comprehensive and advanced high-definition map technology available on the market today. Located at the epicenter of automotive development in Detroit, Ushr’s technology and software are shaping the evolution of self-driving technology by providing customers with the reassurance that the paths their vehicles travel are safe, smart and predictable. For more information, please visit 


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