With the rapid proliferation of autonomous vehicles in the marketplace, it has become increasingly important for the navigational technology within those vehicles to put safety at the forefront.

Ushr, Inc. is shaping the evolution of autonomous vehicle navigation by providing the most precise, high-definition mapping technology and software for autonomous vehicles on the market today. By interpreting and communicating street view navigation, Ushr enables autonomous vehicle passengers to travel from Point A to Point B as safely and as efficiently as possible.
As the first to market for high-definition mapping in an autonomous vehicle and the leader in high-definition mapping software, Ushr believes in the power of precise, reliable and intelligent navigational technology and its ability to improve the overall driving experience.

Located at the epicenter of automotive development in Detroit, Ushr’s technology and software provides operators and manufacturers of autonomous vehicles with the reassurance that the paths their vehicles travel are safe, smart and predictable.


“The big difference between Super Cruise and other semi-autonomous systems is Cadillac’s maps. The automaker had all of the limited access highways system across the US and Canada mapped down to a resolution under 4 inches.”